A different me. I have family with two sweet girls, my big and strong one I love, and our small one – as strong as her mother – our loved biggest gift. God, Music and Politics brought us together, in this loved town. The little one flushed in my hands in 2014, on a warm August day, a few months after my coming out as a crossdresser on my 37th birthday. On this day I got a huge high heel on a postcard, so I got mine on, short decision. A few months before, it was after the first three months of pregnancy where over, I had realized, that I would be father, and that I would never be able to lie to my child. So the taboo had to be ended, my shoes and stuff needed to be worn. For the big one, it was a shock, even though it was 9 years ago that I first showed her my tights and she new where to find all the things. But now the door was open, the beast came out, and my wardrobe got filled more and more with female clothing. I left that mayor social web, wrote diary nearly every day, had womans evenings with my best friend and went out for Gayhane.

I think, that’s all for now.