New Level

The day before yesterday was a special one. I could return from office earlier so I just jumped of the train for shopping in a nearby mall. Calzedonia was my first stop, not because their fishnet tights seem to be of the most solid quality, but for the first one I have to blame myself. You just have to be more careful. Since I don’t want to be dressed in too many holes (some are ok, of cause: I’m a man! 🙂 I got a special offer of three different grades. The tinyest net I already saw on big adds and the necessary second glance convinced me directly: what is it? What a shining legs! But I needed these pics to fall totally in love with them.

The second shop I entered was tally weijl. Here I got that body in size L, it was reduced (“you can not return reduced articles, do you know that?”) but felt nice – I was also not too sure, but maybe that’s something about intuition? Also I got these pants in size 42, I love for the length of the pant legs.

The Zara Blazer you might have already seen, the shoes from some chineze ebay seller (again) in Size 42 are hard to wear, but I just can’t give them away. And the underware was a thrown out piece of my best friend. For her, it was to much, for me it’s just nice big. Not too big and nice with the shoes.

Thats about the pics. But why was it a really remarkable day?

Later, friends from highschool came for the evening. Haven’t seen them for long. One already knew about my passion, the other not. But he has been one of my best friends, so I just wore my stuff – without the bra, tights & the heels but with a blue/green checked shirt. And the third guest came, even if I didn’t want to see him. He just invited himself and – I expected some more reaction – got along with it well, drinking a lot. And when my wife arrived late, she couldn’t say but: Oh – Well, you’re looking great again!

I think I did. Even without the bra, tights & heels.




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