Crossdresser meeting

Saturday we had the fifth meeting of a small german crossdressing community; we have an online forum and once a year, a variing number of people meet, usually in my town. I first found them before last year’s meeting, but I couldn’t take part because of some reason, but this year, I was happy to – at least – be there the last hours of a two day’s event. I don’t talk about what I missed, but was so happy arriving just to hear some last songs of Astrid North from Cultured Pearls – she accompagnied herself on a nice old piano, and I loved the atmosphere entering a group of completely unknown people, but having similar passion as me. I was quite curious and stayed until the very end, remaining at the bar with the barkeeper and another last guest who came only for the concert. Both didn’t seem to have really understood our situation, but that was quite ok for me. I was so happy to have met and talked to some really cool people, and I must have been smiling the whole time. That was a wonderful night, girls! Thank you so much!

On the way back I had two stops on my bike, here are some shots. The jacket from an ebay seller I first thought giving back, because I really couldn’t remember to have bought something looking like a spacey pure plastic NVA-uniform, but as you could zip off the lower part of the waist, it turned out to be a spacey pure plastic biker’s top. Nice!! I hope you love it aswell. 😉


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