My Birthday

Today was my 40th birthday, I can’t believe it, that I’m that old…

Last weeks it was a bit of a silent around me, that was because I got irritated by a friends comment about my fetish and what it means for my relationship. Crossdressing is not the reason for the conflict between me and my wife, it’s a sideeffect by my fetish, that has to be treated as a fundamental part of our relationship. It’s not something, that I just should do when I’m alone or when I go out. It’s not just my mans cave. It is, and I love it as such, but it’s more. And I am so happy, that today she told me, that she feels sorry, that she could not make me a gift for my obsession. Because this means to me, that she – first time ever – told me, that she is thinking about the possibility, that one day it could be a normal thing and maybe even fun between us. That it could become a hobby (or whatever you call it), that she could support with a gift.

This is the situation between us.

And these are some pictures from monday with some of my new stuff. Stockings from Calcedonia, Bermuda and Pullover from Zara, Shoes from a chineese ebay seller. I love it!


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