I once had a gay haircutter I regularely went to; he knew me, about my passion, but since he left the shop from one day to the other (must have been drugs or something), I am a homeless hair cutting studio visitor. Searching the net for fancy studios around I suddenly saw that scenery: what, if you walk in such a recommended stylists temple, they see you, and just start laughting? Somehow I feel under pressure that I need to pimp myself up very carefully before entering these shops. Shall I just go again to one of the normal ones, where they see you, and you see what they think: A man in female clothes? Ok, next one please! Then I will never find out, it’s my fear again.

(written two hours later, finishing the drafted post: *Sigh* – Free morning is over, next time, next chance. I am weak. Let’s blame it on the flue I had the last days.)


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