Some red light

Hi there!

On my way to become a crossdresser it took me so long to articulate myself, and even longer to document my thoughts and my visual nature. Fear dominated too long. But since a couple of years I take pictures, that now I want to share with you. These are from 2014, I had these red heels and the top that turned me on. The shoes (you will find them better on other pics coming soon) were size 42, I have 43, but what do you do, when you are a woman with large feet? The top I like a lot, even if I can’t wear it for a long time, because of the material/sweat. This is another thing that until now nobody could tell me: do women sweat less then men?

I like these few pics, I hope you too. But don’t expect much more red light – it was just like that.


2 thoughts on “Some red light

  1. I am so happy about you, keep it positive girl 🙂
    And you have a great pic here. I love your garter belt, the stocking and that lovely underwear..
    Your ass looks really great 🙂

    Would love to keep in touch. Have a look at my story on my blog 😉


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